About CubeHosting

We provide free game servers since 2017 and have already won more than 70k registered users.

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We are a trusted GameServer provider and have thousands of users daily.


CubeHosting was founded 2017


Last year we achieved a growth of 70 thousand registered users in only 9 months.


Partially at peak times up to 6 thousand servers were running at the same time.



Germany is the perfect choice when it comes to server location.

Thanks to the location in Central Europe, our players receive a stable connection worldwide.

Data Center

The our data center offers everything a data center needs and much more.

Our data center is characterized not only by its modern technologies, but also by guaranteed 100% fail-safety, reliable power supply as well as the highest security standards. Here, too, we are able to successfully fend off almost any DDoS attack by using multiple filtering levels. Our system currently consists of an DDoS protection combined with further in-house developments.


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